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Wire Machines

Wire Drawing Bull Block

Wire Drawing Machines for drawing wires from 8 mm / 6 mm to 1 mm can be offered with the total equipment for 4 blocks to 9 blocks, depending on the inlet & outlet size, the speed of wire drawing.

The Drawing Blocks are internally water cooled by multijet spray. The Blocks are manufactured from special quality cast iron, while the Die Box Comprise two separate compartments, One for the dry shop drawing lubricant, And another for water cooling of the die. These O.T.O./B.B. Type Dry Wire Drawing Machine have wide field applications in Stainless Steel, High Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Mild Steel, Copper Wire Drawing. The wire is drawn through a die which is fitted in independant Die Box and is accumulated on the Block, and later being taken through the OTO Pulley to the next Die.

Wire Galvanizing Plant

East Land Industries is known to be a leading Steel Wire Galvanizing Plant manufacturer. These plants are facilitated with latest pickling system and fume extraction system and are also available in various sizes ranging from 5mm to 0.4mm. Our range of machines is ideal for MS & HC Steel wires, electro and hot, and dip wire galvanizing plants. We provides our customers the most modern, cost effective, efficient and fast operating lines for hot dip galvanized wire plant. We provide equipment right from drawing lines flattening mills, complete galvanizing lines with vertical drop coilers, horizontal side winder take ups or strip take ups.

By excellence in design, engineering, manufacturing and service we are able to offer most relevant technology for Galvanizing of High Carbon and Low Carbon Steel Wires.

Wire Flattening Mill

We Offer complete range of Wire Flattening Mills for both Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Wires. Though most features of our mills are standard, we can produce entire line as per the exact production requirements of the customers. Besides this, we also offer the complete line of accessories that are used with Wire Flattening Mills.