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Pipe Machinery

Tube Mill

We manufacture high-speed automation continuous running tube mills which are easy to operate, highly-safe to meet the requirements for high-efficiency, labour saving, cost-effctive and to increase the margin for the customer.

We offers the tube mill up-to 20" dia with accurate modular design to meet customer requirements considering national/international standards.


Under combinations of our several years of experience on machine making, we have designed and profiled the tube mill rolls to meet the demand of all production fields to give exact shape and size to the pipes.

We understand that rolls plays the key-role in tube making machine and to achieve the best life of the rolls, high chromium steel is used which attain the require hardness during hardning process as the tube quality has an important connection with shaping/quality of the roller.

Hydro Tester

According to the respective application and the directives to be applied, the pipes have to pass a leak / burst test. For this purpose, the ends of the pipe are sealed by pipe testing presses and the pipes are filled with water or emulsions.

Then, the water or the emulsion is exposed to the respective testing pressure. The plates sealing the pipe ends are clamped hydraulically during the test. We specialize in large diameter line pipe applications from 16" Diameter and up.


The DRIVEN CROSS ROLL series Tube straightening Machines offered by ELPP are designed to handle tubes of outer dia from 6 mm. to 170 mm. in different models.

These machines are based on well proven rotary pressure and deflection principle of straightening, which gives very high degree of straightness ranging 1 mm. to 0.3 mm. in 1000 mm. The rolls are mounted in pairs and are driven.

Slitting Line

The machine is specially design to slit the required width of steel strip. We supply the Slitting Line of capacity ranging from 5 MT to 30MT.

Its main purpose is to increase the output speed, upgrade the quality with easy operation, labor saving, high safety to reach the demand for high-performance.